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Thank you for clicking on my Google My Business promotional link.


As we all start to move forward from this pandemic. I am giving a 50% reduction to my prices when bundling my services.

Any business that contacts me directly through email from clicking my Google My Business will have a content bundle tailored to them for $1000.

I am leaving this page open until mid September to book my services but this specific bundle is going to include the following:

1 Video Business card

A 3-5 minute video speaking about your business, what ever information you feel is pertinent for your viewers to show you are open for business-whatever steps you may want to include about your social distancing policies, and in general, any information you want.

2. 1 Minute Social Video

This would be a promotional video of anything you are looking to do for your social media or websites.

3. 15 Photos

If you need product photos, location photos, I will be of service to include this.

Contact me directly here for this promotion and thank you for clicking on my Google Link


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